Flying Moniter Robinson Series

MDU001 R22/R44
MDU001-3 R66 (coming soon)

The Gesvol MDU001 R22/R44 is supplied along with full documentation, instruction manual, wiring harness and sensors. Everything required for full installation at your own (or preferred) maintenance facility.
According to the needs and the available budget, it can be configured as a combination of Basic and Optional functionalities.

Records parameters for trending purposes

Uses GPRS, a loc cost communication signal

Generates a technical log with start and end point, flight and maintenance time, maximum and minimum RPM, rotor RPM, engine RPM (only R22/R44) and acquired manifold pressure (only R22/R44), turbine exceeding value (only R66) for all flights every day

Allows online access for any computers, tablet or smartphone


Records all parameters

Allows the aircraft owner to set automatic allarms for immediate notification (via text or email) when aircraft engine starts

Automatically sends notifications (via text or email) when a flight ends, with the total flight time

Stores and saves all record, offering downloading, printing and/or sharing in an Excel spreadsheet, PDF document and/or email

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